Historical Restoration

For Buildings and Boats

Historic Flooring, Paneling, Wainscoting, Boards and Timbers

Currier Forest Products is able to produce unique and unusual products for authentic historic restoration, recreation, or simply for those that have a love of the beauty of natural products.

Historical products include:

  • Wide boards (up to 24”) for horizontal wainscoting and flooring
  • Tapered pine or spruce flooring
  • Specialty Timbers in unique sizes and lengths up to 60’
  • Single piece (8/4 x 24 x 24) eastern white pine chair blanks
  • Tamarack, spruce, pine, maple and other species with the right characteristics for your special project
  • We can custom saw and mill to meet the unique requirements of your project.

New England has long been known for its large beautiful trees. Currier Forest Products respects both that history and the beauty and spirit of large trees. Through the sustainable stewardship of the forests on our sixth generation family farm, we are still able to offer the kinds of products that are generally unavailable elsewhere today.

Contact us for Historical Restoration.

Large timbers as part of a sculptural installation at the Hood Museum on the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire.

We provided the foremast for the Martitime Museum’s replica of the Lois McClure.

Masts, Timbers and Lumber for Wooden Ships and Boats

Need Tamarack for boat ribs? Bracing knees? Extra long timbers for a ship’s mast? Currier Forest Products can provide them along with a wide variety of products from native species custom manufactured to meet the needs of the amateur or professional shipwright.

The Northeast mixed deciduous and coniferous forests host a variety of species that are rot-resistant and have been used in boat building for thousands of years.

Whether your project is large or small, we can customize every part of the project for you. We also offer delivery services. Contact us for Ship and Boat Wood.

We provided the foremast for the Museum’s replica canal schooner, Lois McClure, which is modeled after two 1862-class canal schooner which sunk in Lake Champlain. Read the Museum’s Blog telling the story of “Looking for a Big Stick.”

How to order from Currier Forest Products

Call Joel or John at 802 684-8128 or email your specifications to info@currierforestproducts.com.