Unique Pieces

Currier Forest Products offers a variety of customized wood for your project. Whether you are looking for authentic wood furniture from sustainable Vermont forests, or uniform tonewood for making an instrument, or wide kiln-dried boards, we specialize in making you happy. Due to the unique nature of all these products, we do not sell them through the website, but rather through direct contact. We will promptly return emails and phone calls.

currier forest products unique pieces Based on our collective heritage of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, these pieces of furniture showcase the beauty of Vermont forests and craftsmanship. currier forest products unique pieces tonewood Tonewood is used primarily for instrument making. These tight growth rings resonate sound beautifully. Our diverse forests nurture trees with these premium qualities.
currier forest products unique pieces tree diversity Our FSC certified forests are home to a wide variety of species that support our diverse ecosystem. These are some of the unique boards that we have in stock. currier forest products unique pieces wide kiln dried boards Wide boards up to 24″ are a product of well-managed, healthy forests. We can mill any variety of tree species you require in our FSC-certified sawmill. Then these wide boards are kiln-dried to perfection.