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Lumber, Green Vermont Flooring and Timbers

Lumber for All Purposes

We have many species in stock.

We specialize in high quality custom-sawn timbers and wide plank flooring cut from native Vermont trees. We mill and deliver cabinet grade hard and softwood lumber, as well as long and large timbers for custom timber framing and restoration projects.

All of our forest products are sourced in Vermont, mainly from our FSC certified family farm.

Wide Kiln-Dried Boards

Wide boards up to 24” are a product of well-managed, healthy forests. We can mill any variety of tree species you require in our FSC-certified sawmill. Then these wide boards are kiln-dried to perfection.

Custom capabilities include:

  • Timbers up to 60 feet
  • Kiln dried flooring up to 24” wide
  • Custom paneling
  • NELMA graded structural timbers
  • Planed and profile timbers

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We can supply whole trees for a uniform grain pattern.

Currier Forest Products offer sustainably harvested tamarack, spruce, pine, maple and other native Vermont species.

Green Vermont Flooring

Premium Wood Flooring

Currier Forest Products cuts and mills a wide variety of unique flooring products to meet the needs of discerning customers. Sustainably harvested tamarack, spruce, pine, maple, birch, cherry and other native Vermont species are all available on request in a variety of widths, lengths and profiles. For Historic Restoration projects for we offer specialty flooring items such as wide spruce and tapered pine flooring.

We specialize in Tamarack!

Tamarack is second only to western larch in hardness of coniferous species. Tamarack is generally a pioneer species, and tends to grow in diverse natural, mixed stand forests and is thus a valuable component in sustainable forests. Like many species, tamarack is susceptible to insect infestations as it ages and careful management is valuable for maintaining overall forest health.

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Timbers Customized for Building Projects

Timber frames are designed as much for handsome, graceful composition as for strength and longevity.

We produce timbers from a variety of species, but most commonly spruce, hemlock and Eastern white pine. We also can produce a variety of special sizes, with some timbers available up to 60 feet long. We can also produce timbers up to 24” deep for both aesthetic and structural purposes. We can custom shape timbers if needed for specialty purposes such as ships spars, masts, and creatively designed construction projects. Regardless of the use, we will ensure that any size or dimension you need for your timber project, we will ensure that it is accurately square.

We understand that craftsmanship and integrity are key ingredients in building with timbers. Our timbers embody strength, longevity and beauty which shine through from the raising day through the life of your timber frame.

We can customize every part of the project for you. We also offer delivery services.

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Some timbers are available up to 60 feet long. We can also produce timbers up to 24” deep for aesthetic or structural purposes.

How to order from Currier Forest Products

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